Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easter 2013

Easter is my favorite holiday. I could do without the whole eggs and basket thing but it's fun for the kids and grandparents. ;) Actually, Resurrection Sunday is my favorite holiday. It's not about the eggs and baskets and candy but the remembrance of my Savior's triumph over death and the gates of hell and that's a BIG deal to me.  Each year I host my side of the family for a big ham dinner to celebrate. Here are this year's snapshots:


We had two egg hunts.  One at my in laws' and one in our backyard. Those poor abused children of mine found an awful lot of candy but they really had to work for it!

  I love these pictures of my not so little girl. They remind me of the Hunger Games movie. Why is she up in a tree stand? Because her father hid eggs up there last year...not this year though! All that work for naught but a great photo op. ;)

 Now this is a picture that celebrates a slightly lesser known holiday, "First Barefoot Day of the Year." It's my second favorite day of the year!
I used several (there are a TON!) of the how to make a maxi dress tutorials on pinterest to create this dress. It's certainly not perfect but my girl wanted a dress and we didn't have the budget so I whipped this together. It's a tube with a piece of elastic sewn into the top and a belt. Fancy smancy. Cost nothing, I have random material and notions on hand for those rare sewing times.

 We forgot to take pictures of most of the food...I need to try to remember BEFORE people start eating. I made "rice krispy treats" out of pebbles and cut them out with cookie cutters because the oldest wanted to bless her friends with a treat on Sunday morning. The crosses had a fun stained glass look.
The peep cake is a conglomeration of several peep cake images on google. I just used them for inspiration. It's a German chocolate type cake that was thrown together with whatever I had on hand for could have tasted better but I forgot all about the cake until the last minute. Hubby baked the cake and that part was great! We had cake to celebrate my little redheaded niece's fourth birthday! I broke my own NO PEEP rule (because EWwww seriously) to make her a cake that was JUST what she wanted.

It was a great day and completely worth all the effort that we put into it. I've been beyond lazy these past few days to make up for all of our hard work, well that and a possible double ear infection. bleck. Happy Spring!

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