Thursday, July 21, 2011

Crazy Days of Summer

I always hear people talk about the lazy days of summer and I think to myself "Where do they LIVE?" Around here, summer is about work. LOTS and LOTS of work. It's fun but it's busy and there isn't much time at all to be lazy.

For instance, this week I picked blueberries, spent about 20 hours working on organizing our homeschool space for my three kiddos, canned 18 jars of jelly, froze 11 pints of blueberries, made 3 freezer meals and three batches of freezer meatballs, put up 9 quarts of green beans, had company on Sunday, and fed 14 people on Tuesday. And now it's after midnight on Thursday and I'm just thankful that I finished yesterday's work before today!! ;)

Oh and I forgot that the neighborhood boys (four of them) came over on Monday and Tuesday for several hours. It's simply too hot outside for too much playing (there's not much shade on this block) and I couldn't turn them down. I hope that in some way their lives will be blessed by this time in a safe home. These kids have rough lives. Their parents/guardians are going through a lot and not paying attention to the little ones that need them. :( This world is a sad place. I pray that the Lord will use my home and my children to reach these kiddos.

I had a total of SIX boys and my girl in my living room watching TV and playing on the Wii. They were all so good except for the littlest (mine) who was not too happy about sharing anything with that many people! I got to meet the grandma who is a worn out and rough woman but she has a tender side. She was concerned that her grandson might be too much for me because "he can be a handful." I laughed. He and my five year old could be the same child in different wrappings! Hyper and crazy but sweet enough to draw fruit-flies when the mood strikes...

Tomorrow is another busy day. I'll be gearing up for a weekend with the girls, I DO get to be lazy for a little bit! We're having a sleepover at our "mom's" house. The kids are getting their yearly pictures taken by our favorite photographer and I have a jewelry party to attend. Then, of course, there's the never ending list of chores that need doing but I wouldn't trade it for the world!


  1. You are far busier than me! Where do you get your energy? I'm proud of myself when I manage to wake up at a decent time and make coffee! Maybe the saying is meant for the rest of us mere mortals to make us feel better about being lazy, lol

  2. I drink about a gallon of iced tea a day ;) and take my vitamins. After our miscarriage and my many blood transfusions, I am REQUIRED to take an iron pill which makes me feel energetic for the first time in years! ~Thank you ANEMIA! NOT!!

    I also have a top notch case of ADD/ADHD that keeps my mind and my body moving even when I want to SIT!! (You'd think I'd be skinny!!) You should meet my mom, she NEVER stops moving until she falls asleep. She's only sat through a handful of movies in my entire lifetime and I just turned THIRTY!