Friday, July 15, 2011

Cloth Diapers: Versatile Mother's Helper

When I had my first baby, almost 9 years ago, I was determined to use only cloth diapers. Being naturally cheap frugal, it made sense that we use a reusable product. Then reality hit, I worked full time at a preschool and there were rules about cloth diapers. It was easier AND cheaper to use disposables in that situation. We still cloth diapered quite a bit at home and I used the diapers as burp rags but I wondered if the loved ones who had given me the diapers had wasted their money...

Fast forward almost 9 years...How in the world would I have survived without those cloth diapers??? They are my most used tool even though my youngest is almost four.
I found this nearly pristine diaper tucked away in the baby box. It's one of the super thick diapers that absorb the spill in one swipe.

During the baby years
They can be used as burp rags and changing pads. When I was nursing, I used to put TWO of them folded up in my bra each night when I went to bed. (Supply was NEVER an issue!) Most babies will get some kind of diaper rash and cloth diapers are the gentlest during that time. They were also great for when the Dr. recommended to let the rash air out. Those diapers saved a LOT of cleanup!! They are lifesavers on the day that you wake up and use the last disposable diaper and have no way to get into town.

For older kiddos
They are better than puffs with lotion on sore noses. You can put your Vick's rub on the cloth diaper and tuck it in with your child to save their skin and their pj's. They make great doll blankets and diapers, of course! They are the perfect washcloth for dirty dirty dirty bare feet in the summer time.

This one is pretty dingy but still in good shape. It's still being used with the bigger kiddos.
Around the house
There is no other towel that is as absorbent when your darling boy dumps your 32 ounce iced tea, again. They make excellent dust rags. You can use them in a swiffer mop.   (Someday, I'll have a mop-able floor...) They work great for cleaning windows and mirrors because they have virtually no lint. They clean up muddy paw prints when you don't want to use your pretty towels.

First aid uses
They are the perfect tool for gently cleaning wounds that would be hurt by the use of a rough terry washcloth. They make lovely icepack covers, protecting the skin from the chill of the ice but delivering the cooling that is so needed on the injury. They make an excellent sling for injured little arms (or for playing Emergency Room.)

Crafts and Hobbies
They are great for re-staining furniture. They make excellent blotters when stamping. They can be re-purposed into pot holders by using them as batting inside a prettier fabric. They are wonderful for hand-wiping when tinkering with the car. They work well for wiping paint brushes dry.

This poor diaper is battle-scarred and stained but still very useful. I don't get rid of them until they can no longer hold themselves together.
I use my cloth diapers EVERY single day! They are worth their weight in gold and I am very thankful to those loved ones who gifted them to me for my first baby. :)

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