Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Baby Prep OR Oh, How I LOVE online garage sale sites!

Recently, I've developed a new addiction thrifty spending habit. ;) A few months ago, I discovered the fun of online garage sales. Facebook has literally thousands of them and I'm sure if you look around you can find one for your area. Roughly half of our Christmas gifts came from that site. I loved getting gently/barely used toys for my kids. They will break them eventually or outgrow them but for now they're enjoying the new-to-them toys. I was sad when the season was over as I didn't really have a reason to prowl those sites anymore.

Fast forward to last Wednesday...

Our ultrasound showed that we have a very healthy active little GIRL on the way!! My last two kiddos were boys and the youngest will be FIVE in September.

I am not very well prepared for a baby, especially a GIRL. So needless to say, the garage sale sites and I have become reacquainted. Our little one now has plenty of onesies and several summery outfits in preparation for her debut in early June. Today, I found a virtually new pack n play with a bassinet option for only $25. It's exactly what I need to have when she gets here and is needing to be fed several times a night. A regular sized crib wouldn't fit very well in our room without a complete overhaul but this will be perfect.

Buying second hand isn't just easier on your budget. It makes for less waste in general.

America is dead-set on creating as much disposable trash as possible these days. If you haven't heard about the new crib regulations yet, do a quick google. According to the government ALL cribs made before June of 2011 are unsafe. ALL of them. They say 'drop-side cribs' are the problem but then in the next paragraph they tell you that you shouldn't sell or buy ANY crib because they're unsafe. How many perfectly safe nearly new cribs are going to end up in the landfill because our government has deemed them unfit? Even cribs that have been fixed to meet their standards "should not" be sold by anyone. Frankly, I'd like the government to keep their nose OUT of my nursery! (End rant,  that wasn't intentional but I'm leaving it out there anyway!)

Where was I? Oh, I prefer to buy used or handmade. It saves money and resources. I'm not saying that there is ANYTHING wrong with running out and buying a TON of new stuff for your child. I think all first time moms have had the urge to buy EVERYTHING the local department store has in the nursery section. However, this is my FOURTH child. I won't be having anymore after this one is born and I don't feel the need to invest in new things to use them for a few months.

I will admit that I have gone a teensy bit overboard in my baby spending since discovering who this little critter is. I am VERY excited at the prospect of having a newborn in the house again!!

~Blessings to you~


  1. When Leeland was born, my grandma went up to her barn and found an old play pen that she used for her children in the 40's and 50's. We recieved a very large baby blanket from a neighbor (the kind where you take to pieces of fabric and tie knots all the way around. We cleaned the play pen up and bought some of that eggshell foam and turned the blanket into a pad for the bottom. When Victoria was born, Leeland had just turned one, and I had strict orders not to pick him up (c-section). That old thing was a godsend, because I could have him close to me and he had plenty of room to roam around in there (it was about double the size of the one's you can buy in the stores these days). I bet child safety gurus would have dropped dead at the sight of it, but it worked just fine and I love how my aunts and uncles played in there the same way as my baby did. I gave it back to grandma after we were done with it....and I was sad to see it go.

    And for the record we used the same crib for each baby, and it was a "drop" crib.......and never had any problems....I even bought a used car seat for Mary (which I guess is taboo now) and she did just fine in it.......

    thanks, now I miss having babies :)

    1. We used my grandma's playpen too. Mom still has it. It's been through two generations and 12 kids total!!

      Oh don't worry, I'm sure the urge to have something to diaper, feed, and clean up after will pass. ;)

  2. Great now they are saying the crib that I have used for my last two children~and plan to use for the one on the way~ is unsafe. What is next? Baby bottles, car seats, beds~ I swear they use FEAR to trick parents into ALL sorts of things!!

    1. That's what I think too! Most people don't stop to think about the WHY. How many crib manufacturer CEOs were involved in this law in some way? grrr :)