Sunday, June 19, 2011

♫Bringing in the Peas♫

♫Bringing in the peas,
bringing in the peas.
We shall come rejoicing
bringing in the peas..♫

The garden is FINALLY bringing forth food!!! Yesterday, I spent two hours picking sugar snap peas and an hour trimming off the ends.
This is almost a peck which is to say, it's almost a quarter of a bushel of peas. This was a little less than half of the peas that were ready to be picked but they'll keep until tomorrow.

These are the peas ready to be blanched. I just pinch off the tiny little tough spots on the ends so that my children have no cause for complaint when I make them eat a bite of veggies...the HORROR!!!
I measured out a pound of peas for each batch,
 and waited for the not-so-watched-pot to water,
(my dear sis was over, we were talking most of the time)
 added the pound of peas for a minute or so,
 cooled them off as quickly as possible,
bagged and sealed them in trusty Ziploc freezer bags,
and froze them for this winter when I will surely miss the fresh food from the garden.
Tomorrow, I get to start all over again! Maybe I will be able to try my hand at Rhubarb Punch...


  1. Sugar Snap Peas ummmmm....

  2. There we go....

    Sugar snap peas best eaten from the pod sitting beside the plant in the garden (:

  3. I really have no idea how many we ate when we were picking. The joke was to say "two for me and one for the bucket." :)