Monday, October 20, 2014

The end

This is my last blog here at Nifty Nickel. I'm entering a new stage of life and I need a new place to gather my thoughts. You can find me at

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

When One Child is Away from Home

Today when I woke up, I had my coffee and devotion time as usual. I moved about my morning routine but there was something that just didn't feel right. My heart was sad and my arms were missing someone...

My early riser spent the night at Grandma's. I didn't get to hear about his dreams or feel his little hugs or smell that nasty dragon breath...and I missed him so much. I still do. There's a missing chord to the harmony of the chaos in my home and I can't wait to hug him later tonight.

It made me think of God and His children...sometimes we don't talk to Him, we don't share our dreams, we don't climb up in His lap and blast him with our dragon breath full of pain, anger, or sin...and He misses us.

My Journey

Sometimes after years of walking down this road of life...the dark and lonely journey through the forest...the moments in the meadow along the path...the mountains climbed...the valleys where your soul was restored...the nights walking beside the river of tears...

God will bring up a long lost dream. "Remember this? You still want this. Turn here."

It looks too good to be true and the path is steep and rocky but that speck on the horizon...that place that you've never been but is calling your name is just right can see it. You can imagine yourself there but you can't see the whole road...part of it is covered by the mist of the mountain and the other part looks impassable.

And again He whispers, "Turn, my beloved..take my hand..."

A Lesson in Patience

Ellie desperately wanted the window in my room open. She was trying very hard and getting rather upset. I tried to help and in typical toddler fashion she yelled at me to "top it! Go way." She was so sure that I wasn't going to let her open it that she fought me with all that stubborn passion that is my Ellie.

"Honey, you need to move so I can do this for you." I said it but then I heard Him echo it back to me as I opened the window and helped my little girl reach her goal.

How many times have I thrown a toddler tantrum when He was trying to get the job done, how many times did I get angry at His "interference" as I approached my goal?

I'm a doer, a doer who does it all by myself. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to get out of the way and let Him get the job done.

Thursday, May 15, 2014


I'm not sure if I'm going to continue blogging. Part of me really wants to and the practical part says that there's not enough time in the day.

I don't know which side is right at the moment.

There have been so many changes to the way I think these days...there's more to life than just saving money and scrimping through my weeks...there's a new adventure on the horizon...I'm just so uncertain about this Nifty Nickel blog...I may need to change the title because it isn't fitting me very well right now. My thoughts are no longer as simple as how to save money on this and that...they're deeper and less tangible...embarking on this journey before my family is changing my whole thought process and we haven't really done much yet!

I don't really like uncertainty. I like having my yes, be yes and my no, be no. For now, I'm going to write when the need to write hits. I won't feel bad for not writing weekly...or even monthly.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

April is crazy...

I knew I was at least two weeks behind but I had no idea that it's been almost a month since I last posted. It's been a bit of a whirlwind and it doesn't appear to be slowing down anytime soon. Tomorrow, we leave for West Virginia to visit my brother in law and his family for a few days and then we're taking a day to spend at the Creation Museum.

Here's a brief (ish) summary of what I have been up to in the past four weeks.

I made new curtains for my dining room. I needed something new to smile about.

I knit up some Easter accessories for my daughters and myself. I also made a maxi dress for my sister.

I sent my husband to Guatemala for his birthday. ;) This magical place may be our future home. God is up to something.


The kids and I painted my kitchen cabinets and chairs.

I baked around 20 dozen cupcakes for a baby shower and for fundraising for an upcoming missions trip.

My youngest got a nasty stomach virus and my washer stopped working in the same week...that was just awesome. :P

Now to pack for the next adventure! I'll see you Thursday.