Friday, March 29, 2013

Failure to plan

This week has been a study in the phrase "Fail to Plan." Our microwave has died so I don't have the option of a quick defrost and I've been waiting until late to figure out dinner...this is NOT a good thing.

I've managed to get some meals on the table but they've been pretty sub-par as far as I'm concerned. The only meal worth typing about came from the Chinese place four blocks away. I've permanently tattooed their number to my fridge.

And while I am showing off my fridge that I truly dislike, here's the calendar that we're making do with because our white board calendar had to be moved out of the kitchen while we did some mudding on our drywall. I am hoping for paint this weekend so that I can show you some progress.
Note: FLEAS means give flea meds, I'm not planning to give anyone fleas on April Fools day!

And here is one of the many things that you can do with a can of spray paint and a sharpie. We used this for a Valentine's card holder but it's now just a fun container for whatever project that he is building.

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