Monday, March 19, 2012

The Week of Convenience

I was just thinking about our menu this week. Ya'll are gonna love this.
These are our dinners for the week, our lunches haven't changed much but without a picky hubby to please or help corral the kiddos I've bought a lot of processed junk. :) The kids are rather ecstatic.

Friday-Frozen pizzas
Saturday-Sloppy Joes(no hidden veggies) and tater tots
Sunday-Ham and cheese subs on storebought white buns
Tuesday-Chicken nuggets and homemade fries
Wednesday-Quesadillas (aka white tortillas with american cheese and not much else)
Thursday-Breakfast, probably eggs and pancakes
Friday-more pizza :)

We bought bread this week too. With the temperatures being in or near the 80s all week, there is no way that I am going to bake bread!!! If we had our air conditioner in then I probably would still be baking but I'm just not that much of a glutton for punishment. :)

My husband made it safely to Nicaragua on Thursday night. He'll be back late Sunday/early Monday. I haven't spoken to him since Thursday at 6:30 or so. Other than a general lack of sleep because my room is too quiet (no snoring is hard to get used to!!) I am doing pretty well. We've spent a LOT of time playing Legos. I wish we had another camera so that I could share some of MY creations! (Nope, I am not really a grown up!) I've created a dragon and an awesome spider, if I do say so myself.

I've been keeping as busy as possible. So far I have...

given the closet an overhaul. We only have one closet and not much fancy clothes so that was a lot easier than I thought.

did my spring cleaning in the bathroom and painted the ugly shelf that's been bugging me. It's not really ugly but the finish was worn and it looked very dingy. Now, it's new and pretty!! :)

set up a dresser for the new baby!! I still need to get a few pants/skirts and some sleepers but I think we're just about ready. :) We have just over eleven weeks to go!

Today I hope to clean out the garbage truck van. It's horrible!! And of course, find the kitchen under all the weekend junk. It seems that finding the kitchen is my typical Monday chore.

I'll be posting here and there this week out of the sheer need to keep myself busy so I'll be back soon! ;)

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