Saturday, March 24, 2012

Almost ready!

I've been pretty stinkin busy these days while waiting for my husband to come back home. Oh, how I miss that man of mine!!

I have:

cleaned out the van.
re-arranged some of the school/dining room.
cleaned the kids/living room.
found the floor in my room.
removed all possible cobwebs.
talked myself out of about fifty random cleaning projects. I'm pretty sure that I've started this magical phase called nesting. It's like being possessed by a cleaning demon. ;)
cleaned the entire outside of my stove. This doesn't happen very often around here!
reorganized one of my kitchen shelves and removed a small buffalo worth of dog hair from underneath it.

I still need to:
clean up the random messes that the kids have left.
wash, fold, sort, and put away laundry.
get rid of a mountain of things at goodwill.
wash the paint off the window in the bathroom.
take all of the winter outdoor wear and put it into storage.
figure out what to do with all the random junk that I discovered in my room.
set up the baby bed!!!! woohoo!!!!!
After that's all done, we will be ready for the man of the house to be home.

I haven't spoken with him since he was waiting at the airport in Texas. That was around dinnertime LAST Thursday, nine days ago. I did get to chat with him a bit on Facebook on Thursday night. It was perfect timing because I was in the process of having a breakdown. I love the way that God provided for me in my time of need. We chatted for about 25 minutes which is the equivalent of ten sentences from my slow typing guy. :) He's having fun and the dormitory that they were building was finished last night, according to another wife of a volunteer. The guys were building dorms for Students International. Today is a fun day for them, exploring the volcano and other random vacation type things. Hubby loves it down there. Next time, he says that I'll have to come too. We'll see. :)

I need to get back to work, I'll check sometime next week and I might even have some pictures of his trip! :) Blessings Ya'll!!

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