Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Preggie Brain

Hey, long time no see. :)

Things have been busy around here as usual and while I had a few moments that I thought, "I should blog that!" I just haven't been able to think, sit, and type at the same time.

Here's a rough summary of what I've been up to

1. Re-evaluating our homeschool year and working on a new-to-me invention called the student office. Nifty things, I tell you!!

2. Last week, we ran away from home. All three kiddos and I, the hugely pregnant and grumpy one, walked to the park (1.5 miles from here) and then "stole" the van from my husband because that darn preggie bladder just could not handle walking any farther! The park is just a couple blocks from my husband's workplace.

No, I did not take this picture. This is from our "school" pictures that were done by my friend Paige last fall. From top to bottom, they are 9, 6, and 4.

3. I've taught my daughter long division and while she is currently a teeny bit intimidated by the process, she's really whizzing right through it!!
My oldest, she's pretty amazing.

4. We've made it to the third trimester with little Elli/Elly/Ellie....I don't know how I want to spell her nickname!! Elliana Grace (if the ultrasound is correct, that is) is currently around 2 and a half pounds and 15 inches long. Her favorite activity is body slamming mom's bladder. She also loves to punch things. Her daddy thinks it's hilarious to poke and wiggle her around, through mom's belly. It's not comfortable, I can't wait for him to hold her for a change!! :)

5. My mom and dad in law are in Mexico for the week, partly on business so their youngest son is staying with us and the older two are with my sis in law. It's interesting having a 6th grader around. I'm a little jealous of his curriculum as we are still doing the basics of 4th grade and he's doing fun stuff like anatomy, 1900s history, and working with ratios in math. I keep telling myself that I'll get to teach all this fun stuff soon enough...yes, I'm that much of a nerd!
6. My boys have developed a new game of ending every word that ends in -er as ___turd so life has been interesting. Sisturd, masturd, dinturd, smarturd....the list keeps growing.
My 'darling' little men

7. This week on Thursday, the love of my life is heading to Nicaragua to build dormitories for Students International, an outreach program that educates those in need. He'll be gone for 11 days. I've spent a good chunk of my time trying not to think about 11 days without him. As you know, I have a hard enough time getting through Monday morning without him! I've been cooking a lot and reading blogs about cooking. I've never noticed how therapeutic cooking is for me. I'm pretty sure I'm going to run out of new recipes to try by the time he gets back. Thank God for pinterest! ;)
Kev and the youngest about a year ago, the other two were never big cuddlers so daddy has especially enjoyed having a snuggle bug in the house. I wonder what the next will be like!

8. I've managed to keep up with my dishes. Ta-da!! That's my biggest accomplishment so far. I don't have a clue how some moms can keep their houses so pristine. I feel great if the dishes are done, the table is clear and the floor isn't littered with a week's worth of trash. A housekeeper, I am not!

I'm sure there are half a dozen other random things that I can't remember but my thoughts have flittered onto the next thing. Have a blessed day!


  1. I'm going through a bit of a dry spell as well, as far as blogging goes. I have really good ideas, but now that I'm working and homeschooling, my free time is spent reading a sleeping. I feel kinda bad, because I have put a lot of housework on the kids......but I guess that's what families do! As much as I look forward to spring and summer, I certainly don't look forward the additional burden of YARDWORK. Mehhhhhhh

  2. So what do your kids do and how old are they? :) I'm horrible at delegation and organization...

  3. Gaven is 10 and Mary is 7. Leeland and Victoria are 4 and 3. Both of the older kids are in charge of cleaning our 2 bathrooms. The don't do the greatest job, but if I have them clean them every other day, they seem to stay clean enough. Gaven and Mary take turns taking out the trash. If one takes it out, the other puts a new trash bag in.

    Now that we are the proud owners of a dishwasher, they will unload and load that as well. All 4 of them are responsible for keeping their rooms clean, and picking up after themselves if they leaves coats, shoes, toys laying around the house.

    As far as yard work goes, last summer was Gaven's first time using our push mower to cut grass in our front yard (our back yard is hilly and uneven so the husband does that). In the fall the older two rake leaves.

    Our house is far from clean. I used to be quite the clean freak, but as each child came to the family, my brain has had to settle with making sure the basics are done. We always have a pile of dirty laundry (a big one), and I never seem to remember to dust until I see about an inch of it on stuff......we always have colored on paper strewn about the house, but oh well. I take comfort in the fact that as they all grow older so will their responsibilities!! lol