Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Why I bake our bread...

When the mom is worn out around here we make a LOT of sandwiches. A WHOLE LOT of sandwiches. We buy good bread that's made of REAL food and not just a slew of chemicals. The last time we bought enough bread for the week, we bought 6 loaves!! 6 loaves of bread at 2.28 a loaf came to $13.68. That's about a third of what my typical food cost is.

I used to make bread all the time but we just weren't eating enough for it to be worth it. Then this little one came into being and we eat bread for the sheer convenience because mom is just too stinkin tired to care and bread fills up the little bottomless pits that I call "my boys."
That little bit of bread on the right has a couple of air pockets. It's the first time I've had air pockets with this recipe. I think it's all part of some conspiracy because the bread knew that I was going to take a picture of it! ;)

The last time I blogged I talked about perfect white sandwich bread. I tweaked that recipe by using Prairie Gold flour (found at WALMART finally!!) instead of all purpose and I cut back on the salt a bit. Voila, great whole wheat sandwich bread for less than 80cents a loaf. We save $7.28 cents toward important things like Chinese Take out...

WAIT WAIT WAIT...didn't I say that I was too tired to cook lately??? Why am I baking bread?? Well, the answer is pretty simple. Bread takes all of half an hour of actual work and a few hours of pseudo-attention. Twice a week, I make four loaves of bread. That half hour of work saves me HOURS later in the week. OR if I'm terribly tired, my daughter makes it. She makes pretty good bread, especially considering that she's only 9. ;)

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