Friday, March 28, 2014

Frugal Friday

This week has gone by in a blur. I don't remember much to be honest. It's been a dreary week in Michigan and I am sooooo ready for nice weather. Just some sunshine and a warm breeze, that's all I want. :)

On Monday, I went diving into our fabric stash to make curtains for the kids bunkbeds. We've had this fabric for years and let the kids pick out whatever kind they wanted.

Three kids in one room and a lack of privacy? Problem solved.
On Tuesday, we were contacted by a farmer friend who had some chickens that weren't the right size for sale. My husband and some helpers processed 45 chickens for free!! On Wednesday, I packaged all of the chicken into family sized ziplocks and we split the meat between three families.

On Thursday, we bought a birthday card at Dollar Tree instead of Walmart. ;) (huge accomplishment, right?)

And today I am making up a menu for the next week so that we are prepared whenever we find a moment to go shopping this weekend. :)

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