Wednesday, December 4, 2013

34-20 Days! Where has the time gone!?

34- Deep Clean the area that the Christmas tree will be put up.
33-Put away all of the homeschool stuff!! (HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY MAMA)
32-Relocate the games and lego shelf for easier access.
31-Stock your baking supplies
30-Make a Christmas Bucket List
29-Give to the bell ringers
28-Officially listen to ALL Christmas Music
27-Put up the tree
26- Buy new movies for at home movie nights
25- Set out the Nativity
24-Make homemade hot cocoa to keep on hand
23-Stock the hot tea for sipping during movie nights
22-Use Kohl's cash to buy the kids their storebought gifts (we only buy one gift each year, the rest are from the heart and from our hands)
21-Get the family back on track with their chores...yeah, spreading the Christmas Cheer on nice and thick ;)
20-Double Check Christmas gift lists and reevaluate timing.

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