Monday, November 18, 2013


43- Walk through the Christmas displays at the store just for the fun of it.
42- Make a batch of homemade hot cocoa to keep on hand for snuggling up with a movie.
41-Schedule some mom and dad time into the hectic winter chaos.
40- Welcome yet another nephew into the world. Pray for Cubby, he has a long battle ahead.
39- Invest in your community. The Salvation Army and other giving organizations get hit hard this time of year with families in need. Bless them and do good.
38-Fill a shoebox. I keep a box of little gifts upstairs. My daughter used that box to fill a shoebox for Samaratin's purse to give to a child in a third, fourth, or fifth world country. The things in the box included toothbrushes, candy, soap, markers, pencils, small notebooks, crayons, small stuffed animals, and stickers.
37- Make your baking supply list. I'm nearly out of cocoa and vanilla!! This is NOT ok! ;)
36-Go over the black Friday ads and list the things that you really want. I never look for the huge deals on black Friday. Too much stress. However, we always get new movies so I have a list of what we're looking for from the 1.99 bins. We tend to buy new shoes that weekend too because Meijer and Kmart run buy one get one free deals. I'm hoping to go to Target this year too but just for the fun of it.
35-Search online again for the perfect wrapping paper.

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