Wednesday, November 6, 2013

55-49 Sickness, Schoolwork, Stockings, and more

Day 55 Get really really sick so you don't have to worry about having colds during Christmas. ;) It wasn't planned but it totally happened!

Day 54 Buy candy!! Every year you can find me scouring the Halloween clearance for half price candy for stockings. We got a great haul this year with nerds, snickers, reese, twizzlers, tootsie rolls and ring pops.

Day 53 Bring out the winter wear. It's time to find the cold weather clothes before the REALLY cold weather sets in. We've had a little snow so far but I know it won't be long before sledding season is here!

Day 52 Plan out Christmas outfits for the family. I normally skip this but my oldest really wants us to match this year. Our theme colors will be gray, black, and red. I need to buy pants and shirts for the boys and a dress for the youngest.

Day 51 Command the family to get their lists together! Seriously, a girl needs to know things before she goes shopping!!

Day 50 Be on the lookout for stocking stuffers in weird places. I just bought some really cute hair accessories for my nieces at Menards of all places! :)

Day 49 Bribe your children to finish their schoolwork early so that break can start sooner!!! ;)

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