Friday, October 11, 2013

74 days! Budget and Blessing

Today was a busy day but I did manage to do some planning. We've figured out how we're going to set up the tree in the dining room.

Tonight we are going to talk budgets. We plan on how much we can set aside for hospitality, missions, shoeboxes, our family gifts, and extended family gifts.

This year we are going to help purchase a water filtration system and a safe stove for a family in Nicaragua. We like to do one shoebox for each child so we'll need 28 dollars plus four shoeboxes fully of goodies to be sent. I'll need to make a list of items to collect for these as well. I'm hoping to keep our gift spending down to a minimum by making as many gifts as possible this year, whether through knitting, crafting, or giving food or coupons to be used for food.

I'm going to need to make a notebook to keep track of all of this stuff. Maybe that will be tomorrow's post. :)

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