Monday, October 21, 2013

64 days Deep Clean the Kitchen

It's awfully hard to feel like baking when your kitchen is a wreck.

I hadn't planned on doing this just yet but my husband surprised me with another new cabinet so I was able to rearrange and unclutter the other cupboards.

We wiped down the insides of the cupboards, decluttered some things that haven't been used in ages, moved the coffee and tea cupboard to the other side of the kitchen and designated the new cupboard to be the leftover container space. That will make life  so much easier during after dinner clean up.

Within 24 hours of having the kitchen deep cleaned my eleven year old got the cookie baking itch. It was nice to just let her go in the kitchen, even though I can't believe that she's old enough that I didn't need to help with anything other than defining what "clean up after yourself" actually means to! ;)

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