Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Savages Everywhere!!

I haven't been posting much these days. The neighbor kids have been living here during daylight hours so I have a total of 6 children. As I sit here typing, I can hear them all laughing and screaming as they run around my yard. I recently learned the last name of these darling little kids. Savage. Really? I quite literally have been over-run by Savages!! :)

We've been able to take two of them to Vacation Bible School this week. They loved it. My kids love it. My husband loves it. I do not! :) I love the concept and the results but...

I am NOT a person who can handle VBS. There's too much noise and too many people and too much happening. I always send my kids but this year I am there. The first night was just too much!! I found myself shaking and crying in the bathroom. Normally, I thrive on chaos because I can easily get a crowd of thirty kids under control and we have fun. BUT a large group of 120 kids plus at least 30 adults all skittering around trying to find their places is simply too much!

I've learned that I can still help though. The first night, I saw almost everyone eating McDonald's for dinner. One of the directors mentioned that it was her breakfast, lunch, AND dinner. God showed me what I could do to help with VBS. The next night, we brought dinner. Tonight, we're grabbing pizza. Tomorrow, I'm thinking chicken salad sandwiches. Friday, I'm sure I'll come up with something. I am so glad that the Lord showed me that I could help when I was so sure that there wasn't anything I could do.

Now, I have a pot of tomatoes stewing for spaghetti sauce and a crew of Savages and Lawrences to feed. :) Have a blessed week!!


  1. So you are feeding all those people?

    I hope you aren't using your crockpot on the stove for your sauce ;)

  2. I'm feeding the adults. The VBS program has snack built into it but they haven't had anyone capable of taking care of the adults. I love to cook, so it's just a natural progression of who I am to feed them too. The adults are there from 4-10ish every night so they get pretty hungry. :)
    lol, nope, no crockpot this time! I've got my "colossal cooker" about 3/4 full of tomatoes from our garden. I think it holds 23 quarts or so. It's pretty huge! I think that's why my husband bought it...

  3. Angela,

    What a blessing you truly are to your church family = not to mention your birth family too!