Monday, August 19, 2013

Menu 8/19 to 8/24

We just got back from a very quick visit to family in West Virginia. I missed blogging last week because I was preparing for our trip and trying to put up as much of the produce as I could before we left.

This week's menu is going to be as simple as possible because we spent a LOT of our grocery budget on fast food over our 20 or so hours of driving/stopping to go potty/trying not to go crazy with four kids in the back of the van...

Nutella toast
mush with sausage links
breakfast burritos
eggs and toast

grilled cheese and soup
mac n cheese (boxed!!! lol)
pb celery with apples and raisins
tuna sandwiches

breakfast! Probably pancakes and eggs and applesauce
dirty rice, applesauce, sauteed carrots and squash
spaghetti, squash casserole
 Ham and broccoli casserole
pizza-dillas and salad
smoked sausage with vermicelli and rice,  squash and onion saute

Bread pudding with raisins
apple crisp
no bake cookies

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