Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Weekly Menu 9/17-9/24

daddy cooks (this is our fancy breakfast, typically bacon and something else)

icecream after church on Sunday (an all you can eat meal for less than $12 for our family of five eaters)
ants on a log, pears
ham, cheese, crackers, fruit
egg salad sandwiches, carrots
homemade cheese pretzel bites
sloppy joe grilled cheese (thank you pinterest!)

Sweet n sour chicken, broccoli and carrots, rice
Eat at Grandma's!! :)
Turkey pot pie from the freezer, applesauce
breakfast, applesauce
FAIR FOOD!! (there goes a lot of money!!) x2
spaghetti, green beans
salmon patties, brussel sprouts, mac n cheese (this is a kid request!!)

It's fair week, we had planned on only going once this week but the hubster has to work all day on Friday so we're taking the kids on Wednesday and going on a date on Friday. Our first date was at the fair and we never miss it. It's been fourteen years since that first!! AGH!! I feel old... :)

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