Sunday, August 21, 2011

House to Home: Magnetic Menu Planner

Today, I replaced my scratched magnetic menu planner with a fun and colorful version that just happened to be free for me!
My inspiration came from  a site worth checking out when you have time!
I love it!! And I wish I had better handwriting... :)

All you need is a sharpie, paint sample cards, and magnets. You can use old magnets or the stick on variety. The hubster bought the stick on variety a year or so ago for some project...that didn't happen so I used them for my menu! :) His idea, I was going to use some old advertising magnets and super glue...not that I'm complaining. This took all of five minutes to make!

With the sharpie, write all of your standby meals on your paint sample cards. My cards were perforated so I didn't even need to use scissors to cut them into strips. Stick magnets to the back of the cards and put them on the fridge.

I have a ton of sample cards wandering around so I color coded things just a bit. Reddish cards are Italian type meals. Green are for Mexican type dinners and Orange/yellows are random.

My new menu planner makes me smile. Everyone should have something in their kitchen that makes them smile! :)

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