Wednesday, December 25, 2013

11-1 Day until Christmas!!!

11- Double check your stock of wrapping supplies and wrap everything that you can.

10- Order Christmas Cards from Walgreens at the very last minute.
9- Bake Ninjabread cookies.

8- Let your kids make a mess in the kitchen for the fun of it!
7-Keep meals as simple as possible before the big day.

6-Knit, knit and knit some more! lol, yep. Here are some of my finished pieces.

5-Clean up dvd storage in preparation for new gifted movies.
4- Do one final deep clean.
3- Remember to do laundry or you'll be naked for Christmas pictures!! (Thank God for my husband!! He reminded me that we needed to have clean clothes, I was in the knitting zone.)
2-Buy all of your last minute groceries NOW, do not wait for the craziness that will hit the stores tomorrow!!

1-Finish wrapping, bake some rolls for tomorrow, rest and remember all that you've accomplished. :)

Focus on family and the gift of Forgiveness through the birth of Child.

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