Tuesday, October 15, 2013

70 Days Food Gifts List

Today I made my "food gifts" list. I don't make cookies and canned goods for everyone I know because I know wayyyy too many people. However, there are some people that I just love to bless with yummy presents from my kitchen.

I will be making my molasses cookies for a family in our church who adores them. They're from the South and had never had molasses cookies before...though that fact confuses me. ;)

I also have a jar of hot dilly green beans set aside for my brother in law and gherkins for my mama.

This year I think we will be making pumpkin goodies for giving. We harvested over 1000 pounds of pumpkins from our garden this year.

My list isn't finished but it's started and that's most of the battle of staying organized.

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