Monday, July 1, 2013

Menu 6/30-7/5 and My New Nifty Glasses

I've had a lot of fun this past week playing with my food and actually trying out recipes that I've found on pinterest. I've done a pretty good job of not being a total glutton too. I did have a hard time last night as Hubby wanted dessert in the middle of the day and then popcorn for dinner and that was a bit hard to control but I didn't eat an ENTIRE batch of popcorn by myself so even that is an improvement. I am much more thankful at mealtime than I have been in the past. When we sat down to eat burgers on Saturday it felt like Christmas morning!!

This week's menu

Egg in Hole
PB and Banana Smoothie
Orange Push up Smoothie
Oatmeal and sausage links
Breakfast Burritos
Fourth of July Toast
Omelets and Toast

"Lunchables" aka Cheese and Crackers
Yogurt Parfaits
Quesadillas and veggies with dip
Chicken Salad on Croissants, fruit kabobs, chips
Sloppy Joes, Macaroni Salad
Crockpot Pineapple Chicken over leftover rice
Hawaiian Burgers, grilled squash, cherries (We had an unexpected date so we moved this from Friday of last week to Saturday of this week's menu. Our menu week runs from Saturday to Friday.)

Hawaiian Burgers with Balsamic Grilled Squash and Cherries
I added garlic and ginger to the ketchup "recipe" that they suggested and next time I will add a little bit of honey to the squash marinade as we used supermarket squash that was inferior in flavor to the homegrown that we are used to eating.

Italian Chicken over noodles (Crockpot recipe, throw chicken breast into crock with italian dressing. Cook three hours longer than planned, add mushrooms on a whim while noodles are cooking. Voila!)
Kettle Corn...yep, that's what was for dinner last night, don't judge
Ranch Chops, taters, carmelized brussel sprouts
Thai Peanut Noodles, sauteed veggies
Veggie Ham and Rice casserole, salad
Pancake Dippers, fruit

Strawberries and Cream Pie
Strawberries and Cream Pie I used golden grahams because we didn't have graham crackers and I didn't want to go to the store and white chocolate instead of regular because I don't like fruit and chocolate together. O.o
How do they manage to get such pretty pictures of pie slices?? I just can't figure it out!
Chocolate Pudding
Snickers Icecream Bars (This is a very involved recipe ;) You have to drive to the store and grab a box.)
Nutella crepes with strawberries (why do I like strawberries with nutella but not just chocolate?!?)

In other news, I turned 32 years old this past week. As is tradition, I picked out what I wanted for my birthday and let hubby pay for it. ;) Ball recently reintroduced the 24 oz wide mouth jar. I've been ogling them since they went on the shelves in our local store.

My new fancy glasses! Redneck Chic right there!!

Hubby is a genius. There are tutorials for this all over pinterest but he simplified it. We bought a pack of plastic lids for our jars and he drilled a hole in the top just big enough for a straw. These fit in our van cupholders so much nicer than the full quart size jars. They replace my McDs tea habit nicely and are a greener option too! :) :)

Isn't that beautiful? The little guy in back is pretty cute too.

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