Tuesday, January 10, 2012

So I've been kinda busy...

It's been four months or so since I've blogged. I've been a little busy and very very tired.

In August, we discovered that we were expecting. Those of you who know me, know that we lost the last two little ones that were planted in my womb. We waited until we were sure things were ok before telling anyone about this little critter. We are now 19 weeks pregnant. The little wiggles are now becoming kicks and flips. I am a little more anxious about this pregnancy than I was with any of the others. It's hard not to worry sometimes but I know that God is in control of this. Kev and I just want a healthy baby. I know that our siblings are hoping for a girl. My boys want a tomboy. :) I have been very very tired this time around. Being pregnant three times in two years takes away a lot of the reserves that a body has, though I wish those circumstances would have taken some of these fat reserves!!

My husband has gone through some type of strange transformation in the past couple of months. I wonder from time to time if I am living in an episode of body snatchers. He's been doing dishes, making dinner, organizing life, and getting after me when he thinks I've done too much. This is all very new. Previously, Kev hadn't washed a load of dishes in at least nine years. I really like this alien, whoever he is.

School has been a challenge with mom not feeling well but we've managed. I think we might do some school this summer to make sure we've gotten it all covered. I love the ease of homeschool. There is no rush to learn something by a certain time (until high school) and it makes for much less stress during life's busy times.

We had a wonderful family Epiphany, January 6th. Epiphany is the day that the coming of the magi is traditionally celebrated. Our little-ish family has our "Christmas" on that day. This is our second year of celebrating it and we love it. For years, it seemed that we rushed through the Christmas season, focusing on our to-do list for each family and it felt like our crew was an afterthought. Now, almost two weeks after Christmas is over for the rest of the world and our extended family, we take the time to just be together. Each year, the kids get stockings and three gifts each, something fun, something personal, and something educational. We always start with the educational gift. Klay got a phonics game that has a multitude of noise and magnets. Ken received two games about matching and memory. Mikayla opened a new animal encyclopedia. Most kids would like to look at an encyclopedia but ours were lost to us for about fifteen minutes. No matter that there were still more presents to be opened... :) I love my little nerds!! Then, we opened the personal gifts. The boys got hoodies with their favorite video game characters and Kayla got a ring that she's been wanting. The last gift was long anticipated by the resident parents of the house. After Thanksgiving I was able to get a phenomenal deal on Legos. Our little darlings were shocked to receive 4800 Legos and a new tote to put them in. We had french toast casserole and home-canned peaches for brunch. We played with our games and toys for several hours and then went out for Chinese and a road trip to Menards, of course! :) On our way home, we asked if they'd enjoyed their day. They ALL said "YES!" Normally, one or two of them will find something to complain about but not on that day. It was blissful.

The past few months have been fun and busy. Hopefully, my energy levels will go up some before the next little critter makes its appearance. :) I've got things to do!!!!


  1. Wow, yeah! 4 months is quite a long time. I myself hadn't written anything on here since Veteran's Day (but did blog yesterday).

    I am still amazed at all the stuff you do. I would never have the needed energy.

    You is mah hero :)

  2. My dear, if you wrote down everything that you do, I am quite sure that I would feel exhausted by the time I finished reading!!!